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Cable Management and Organization System

Tool List


  • Screw driver (only if screws are being used)
  • Tape measure – I used this to make sure my screws were equally spaced, but this isn’t necessary.


Material List

  • Large carabiners Used for hanging the wires.
  • Screws or  clamps Depends whether or not you want to hang the carabiners from screws or clamps.
  • Key rings (key rings are only needed if screws are being used)
  • Velcro straps or twist ties These are used to tie up excess cable or wire.
  • Box (Around 1 cubic foot, more or less depending on how many power cables are going to be used) This is used to hide the power strip and power cables.
  • Surge Protector / Power strip

Disconnect all cables and wires

Disconnect all wires that are going to be organized. This will make re-routing the wires much easier.

Hang carabiners from the screws or clamps

Screw three screws or mount three clamps to the underside of the desk or table that the wires are going to be hanging from. I have a wooden desk so I used screws because they’re more discrete than clamps. If screws are being used to mount the carabiners, hook one key ring to each of the screws. The key rings help to keep the carabiners from falling off the screws.

Bundle wires together

Strap Velcro straps around wires to give them a clean uniform look. I personally don’t do this, but if you’re looking for a more uniform look this will accomplish that.