Extend a Non-Apple Router's Wireless Network with an AirPort Express Using an Ethernet Cable

List of Routers that Have Been Successfully Extended

Brand Model 2.4 GHz (B, G, N) 2.4 GHz (B, G, N) WPA 2 5 Ghz (N)
D-Link DIR-825 Yes Not Tested Not Tested

Hard Reset Apple AirPort Express

Plug the AirPort Express into the wall and hold down the reset button using a pen or paper clip.

After about 5 seconds the indicator light should start blinking rapidly, once it starts blinking you can then release the reset button.

Make Sure the AirPort Express is Within Wireless Range of the Router That's to be Extended

Note that the AirPort express only needs to be in wireless range of the network that is to be extended while it's being setup. After setup, the AirPort Express can be moved to where it is actually needed.

Launch AirPort Utility

Hold down the command key and hit the space key. Then type airport, once AirPort Utility pops up in the search results hit the enter key to launch it.

Connect the AirPort Express to Your Computer With an Ethernet Patch Cable

Configuring AirPort Express to Extend a Non-Apple Network

Rescan to Find New AirPort Wireless Devices

If your AirPort Express doesn't show up right away click the refresh button or hit command r on your keyboard to perfrom a refresh.

Click Continue to Configure an AirPort Express

Click the continue button in the lower left corner to start configuring the AirPort express.

After clicking the continue button should see a message that says "Reading the AirPort Express configuration...".

Add a New Profile to a Reset AirPort Express

After the AirPort Express has been reset there and a user clicks Continue they should be confronted with a message like the one below.

To setup a new profile, select the bottom radio button that says "Add the deault setting as a new profile", give the new profile a name and then click OK.

Give the AirPort Express a Name and a Password

Give the AirPort Express a name and password (note, this is not the name of the network or a password for the network) and the click continue.

Join Current Network with AirPort Express

Select the bottom option "I want AirPort Express to join my current network" and then click continue.

Extend Current Network with Ethernet Option

Select the "I want to connect AirPort Express to my network using Ethernet to extend my current network or create a second network" and then click Continue.

Select the Wireless Network That is to Be Extended

Select the wireless network that is to be extended. If it's not on the list below then click the "Show More Choices" button.

Once you find the network you're going to extend click on it to highlight it blue and then click "Continue".