Freestanding Garage Storage Options for Renters

Free Standing Shelving

Advantages of Free Standing Shelving

  • Easy to Move
  • Easy to Setup
  • Tool-free Assembly

Free Standing Shelving Options

  • Plastic Shelving
    • Advantages of Plastic Shelving
      • Easy to Assemble
    • Disadvantages of Plastic Shelving
      • Fixed Distance Between Shelves
  • Perforated Steel Shelving
    • Advantages of Perforated Steel Shelving
      • Distance Between Shelves is Adjustable
    • Disadvantages of Perforated Steel Shelving
      • Longer Setup Time
      • Susceptible to Rust

Storing Small Hardware

Storing small hardware is one of the more difficult things to organize in a garage. This article covers many different storage solutions depending on the amount of small hardware you have.


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