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Labeling a Toolbox

Options for Labeling a Toolbox

  • DIY Magnetic Toolbox Labels with 1" Magnet Tape and 1" x 2 5/8" Labels
    • Advantages
      • Labels Can be Moved
      • 1" Magnet Tape Will Fit on Small and Large Drawers
      • Predesigned templates for common tools
      • Customizable
    • Disadvantages of making magnetic toolbox labels
      • Time Consuming
  • Clip On Name Badge Holder
    • Disadvantages of using clip on labels for a toolbox
      • Won't fit on small drawers
  • Adhesive Labels
    • Disdvantages of using Adhesive Labels
      • Difficult to Change Labels
    • Advantages of using Adhesive Labels
      • Simple
  • Ready Made Magnetic Labels

Choosing a Toolbox


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