Organizing a Garage with Concrete or Masonry Walls with a Flat Ceiling

Storing Small Hardware

Storing small hardware is one of the more difficult things to organize in a garage. This article covers many different storage solutions depending on the amount of small hardware you have.

Comparison of Small Hardware and Parts Storage

Storex Literature Organizer Combined with Storage Containers$92.16$0.1372013.625"
Plano Molding 974 StowAway Organizer Rack$0.00$0.00969"
Akro-Mils 64 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware Cabinet #10164$0.00$0.00645.25"
Akro-Mils 64 Drawer Plastic Parts Cabinet + 48 Stack-On Drawer Dividers$26.88$0.241125.25"

Shelving Options

Ladder Storage Options


A hoist is best for infrequently used ladders. 


Select Your Type of Ladder


  • Saves Wall and Floor Space

Disadvantages of Ladder Hoist

  • Time Consuming to Store and Retrieve Ladder

Ladder Storage Hooks

Ladder storage hooks work best for storing step ladders or compact multifunction ladders vertically.

 Ladder storage hooks are best used with longer ladders horizontally.

Advantages of Ladder Storage Hooks

  • Easy to Store and Retrieve Ladder
  • Saves floor space

Ladder Storage Comparison

Harbor Freight Jumbo Ladder Hook$NaN50 lb334
Racor LDL-1B Ladder Lift$0.00150 lb
Tornado L2000 Ladder Hook, 2-Pack$0.0070 lb (Pair)
Tornado 30 lb. Steel Ladder Hook #00525$0.0030 lb0
Everbilt Heavy Duty Padded Arm Hanger #18042$8.5550 lb527

Options for Hanging Coats and Motorcycle Gear

Organize Items in Totes

Grouping items in your garage into totes will help to keep things organized.

Kayak Storage Methods Ceiling Mount

Kayak Storage Hoist$NaN
Standing Upright with Safety Chain from Ceiling

Organize Tools

Choosing a Toolbox

Wrench Organizers


  • Wrench Wraps
  • Wrench Carriers

Socket Organizers

  • Socket Rails
  • Magnetic Socket Holders

Labeling a Toolbox

Options for Labeling a Toolbox

Screw Driver Organizers