Organizing a Garage with Wood Walls and a Flat Ceiling

This is the easiest type of garage to organize as hanging shelves and from the walls is relatively easy when you have wood walls. Also, a flat ceiling makes it easy to utilize overhead storage.

Kayak Storage Methods Ceiling Mount

Price Image

Storing Small Hardware

Storing small hardware is one of the more difficult things to organize in a garage. This article covers many different storage solutions depending on the amount of small hardware you have.

Plastic Storage Container Comparison

Lumber Storage Comparison

Image Price Reviews Height Linear Feet of Storage Rack Depth
$48.42 178.0 41 in 6.25 12.5
$1.92 5.5 11.0 in

Ladder Storage Options

Ladder Storage Hooks

Ladder storage hooks work best for storing step ladders or compact multifunction ladders vertically.

 Ladder storage hooks are best used with longer ladders horizontally.

Advantages of Ladder Storage Hooks

  • Easy to Store and Retrieve Ladder
  • Saves floor space

Garage Shelving

The first step to organizing a garage is choosing shelving. You can choose between freestanding shelving or wall mounted. You'll also have the choice between adjustable shelving and fixed shelving. You'll also have to decide how much time you're willing to spend on shelving. Making and installing your own shelves can be much cheaper, but usually takes a great deal more time to setup.

Free Standing Shelving Comparison

Name Image Price Price Per Linear Foot Adjustable Shelves Setup Time Length Width Height Length Between Uprights Distance Between Shelves Price Per Usable Square Foot Usable Square Footage
Sterilite 5 Shelf Shelving Unit Image $54.33 $4.04 No 5 Minutes 36" 18" 75.125" 31.375" 15.75" $2.69 20.18 sq ft
Seville Classics UltraZinc 5-Shelf Wire Shelving Rack with Wheels, 14 x 30 x 60" $64.99 $5.49 Yes (1" Increments) 10 Minutes 30" 14" 60" 28" Adjustable $4.71 13.81 sq ft
Dave Wirth's DIY Free Standing Shelving Plans $74.63 $2.39 No 180 Minutes 96 in 24 in 84 in 93 in 17 in $1.19 62.5 sq ft
HDX 36 in. W x 72 in. H x 18 in. D 5-Shelf Plastic Ventilated Storage Shelving Unit $45.97 $3.36 No 5 Minutes 36 in 18 in 72 in 32 in 14.75 in $2.24 20.5 sq ft
Edsal HC30127 Steel 7-Shelf Shelving Unit, 750 lb Capacity, 30" Width x 60" Height x 12" Depth $29.09 $1.7 Yes 90 Minutes 31 in 12 in 61 in 29 in Adjustable $1.7 17.08 sq ft


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