Replacing Hinges

When replacing hinges you have to know the size of your current hinges. Also, you'll have to take note of the type of corners that your hinges have. You can also purchase hinges in brass coated steel and solid brass. If you frequently have to replace your hinges due to rust you may want to look into solid brass hinges.

3.5" Solid Brass Hinges with 5/8" Radius Corners

Image Price Per Hinge Price
$11.0 $11.0

Measuring Hinges

Measure a hinge by laying it flat and measuring the width and height.

Measuring Hinges Corners

Hinges can have square corners, or radius corners. If you're hinges have radius corners they're most likely 5/8" or 1/4" radius. To determine the radius hold a quarter or dime up the corner. If the quarter matches the radius you have 5/8" hinges, if the dime matches you have 1/4" hinges. Below is an example of a 5/8" radius hinge.


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